Drax Files is Up!

I have a lot of thoughts on the process of participating in the Drax Files and putting my RL in SL and my SL in RL, but right now I’m just too busy to put them here. I will be back soon to do that. Meantime, enjoy my Drax Files episode!

Dear You,

I’ve been busy. It’s a good busy, with several exciting projects happening. The problem is they’re all happening at once, and I’m stretched so thin I might snap. Ain’t that just the way?

First of all, my LEA Sim project will open in a couple of weeks. I’ll be posting more about that in the next few days.

The Intrinsic Inventory project is still going on, but I’ve been too busy to schedule shoots. This’ll be a longterm project, so please do feel free to still sign up! I’ll get back to it soon, and would love to see you participate.

recently poster

I’ve got a show opening at a new gallery this weekend. Max Butoh has built a gallery in an old distillery, so who better to open the place than a Whiskey? It’s only fitting. The gallery will officially open at 9 a.m SL on Sunday, March 1, but I’ll be having an opening party at 4 p.m. SL Sunday night. I love the space. It’s located on the same sim as The Chamber, though you needn’t be a member to visit the gallery, and you can get there by direct TP here. The name of the gallery is Dathuil, which means something charming in Irish, I’m told. I’m showing through March 31, and then there will be a new artist featured each month. I’m honored to open the gallery and have the opportunity to bring some recent works inworld.


And you’ll even be able to pick up a couple of free gifts, from me! Matches, of course.


And, last but not least, I’m starting to film a Drax Files episode with Draxter Despres. He released Episode 27 just today, and if you haven’t seen it yet, GO WATCH NOW. He’s featuring Nylon Pinkney, an incredibly talented and engaging artist who inspires me all the time. If you think I’m gushing, it’s because I am. It’s wonderful and brilliant. I laughed, I cried, I banged my head against my desk because I cannot believe I agreed to do this.

I’ll be featured in Episode 28, coming out at the end of March. If I don’t chicken out, or Drax doesn’t change his mind after hearing how much bleeping he’ll have to do. Be afraid, be very afraid. (I AM!)

I’m also adding recent work to my Fine Art America site, where you can order real prints of my Second Life work. This is another ongoing project that will happen a bit at a time, as it takes a lot to get a piece ready for real printing. If there’s a piece you think needs to be posted there, please let me know!

I leave you with a photo. And thanks for looking in on me.



Half Hearted

Half Hearted

Pieces of February

Please do click through.

                                                                                              Please do click through.


blanks web

                                                                              Click through to view larger.

Out of Step


I’ve been neglecting to post photos here lately. If you’d like to see what I’m working on, please click over to Flickr and check it out. I’ll catch back up over here eventually.

Drawn From Memory


                                                                           Click through to Flickr.

Intrinsic Inventory Project- Isabelli Anatine

There are some weird things in Second Life. Shocking, I know, but take my word for it. I search for some pretty random items for photoshoots, and those search results alone are enough to prove how bizarre some parts of Second Life can be.
Lucky for me, I’m a huge fan of weird and bizarre. My life has always had an element of the surreal to it, and part of the charm of SL is that, while it’s surreal, it’s generally an endearing type. And I can indulge my own surreal visions through photography in SL.

Intrinsic Inventory Project- Isabelli Anatine

Isabelli Anatine and Creepy the Cat

Isabelli Anatine and Creepy the Cat

Isabellie Anatine has an element of the bizarre to her, but it’s most definitely the endearing type. She’s a creative avatar with a flair for the surreal in her fashion and decorating. And when she told me that her most treasured inventory item was “Creepy the Cat,” I expected something odd. And Creepy didn’t disappoint. Much like Isa herself, Creepy is, well, creepy and cute. Since 2013, Isa has had Kittens Heaven, a beautifully decorated sim that she opens to the public as a way of giving back to Second Life. It’s a fantastic sim for photographers, and if you’ve ever visited, you’ve likely already met Creepy the cat, as he’s been rezzed there since the beginning where he serves as a nod to both Isa’s love of cats and strangeness in general.
When I asked Isa what she really wanted me to say about her and her beloved cat, she said, “That we are creepy, but we like it this way, and so should you.”

To learn how you can participate in this project, click here.

Glass Eye

Please do click through to see this larger.

                                                     Please do click through to see this larger.

Intrinsic Inventory Project- Misha Selene

I accidentally TPed into a boxing gym recently. There was one man there in the ring, dancing around on his toes and shadowboxing. I thought perhaps he was a bot, until he said hello. I asked him what he was doing, and he answered simply, “Training.”

There’s a whole list of things we do in Second Life that aren’t possible in real life. (NPIRL, they’re called.) And while I enjoy flying and living underwater and self-immolation, the things I most enjoy are those things which are actually possible in real life, just not for me. Second Life allows me to dance in clubs full of people from all over the world, to fly helicopters, and go cliff diving. If I wanted to I could step into Second Life and ride a horse along the coast like a scene from Planet of the Apes.

Intrinsic Inventory Project- Misha Selene


When Misha rezzed her horse for me, I was impressed by his size and detail. But then Constantine came to life- his ears twitched and his tail flicked, he stomped his foot, and he became more than a sculpty. He became a real horse. Now, neither Misha nor I believe that Constantine is a real horse- let’s keep some perspective here. But when Misha is restless in RL, she can hop onto the saddle in SL and ride Constantine up hills and through valleys, and it helps her think. It helps her feel more relaxed in her first world, even when that seems NPIRL. Constantine was a Christmas gift from a dear friend (who really wanted to get her a donkey), and was created by AKK in Second Life, but I don’t think Misha will mind me quoting her here, “He’s mine and I love the  big set of pixels.”

Click here to find out how you can participate in the Intrinsic Inventory project.

Intrinsic Inventory Project- Kinnaird

I expected a wide range of items to be chosen by the people involved in this project, and I haven’t been disappointed. Some of them will be very difficult to shoot, not the least of which because they can’t actually be seen, but then I’m not known for doing anything the easy way so I’m sure I’ll figure out a way to feature even invisible objects.

I went into this project determined not to judge anyone for their most treasured item. These people are telling me their stories, sharing their histories, and allowing me to show them to anyone who wants to look. I appreciate their willingness to make themselves slightly vulnerable in this way, and I want to respect that by giving equal regard to each individual and their item. But some items are easier to understand than others.

Intrinsic Inventory Project- Kinnaird


Second Life lost a beloved member last year, but Kinnaird lost a dear friend. Ever Dreamscape had one of those energies that reached out and touched everyone who came close to her. She was an active resident of Bay City, and was known for her antics with fire (which is what made me so fond of her). But Kinnaird says it best in her own words, “She loved chaos and fun. There’s a huge Ever-shaped hole now. And sometimes I can carry on and do things she would love…and sometimes it just makes me sad.” I’ve photographed Kinnaird holding Ever’s fire, which was passed around at her memorial service in Bay City. The residents there set the city ablaze in Ever’s honor. Kinnaird continues to carry the fire with her, always.

Learn how you can participate in this project here.

Intrinsic Inventory Project- Eve Petlyakov

Though I’ve been in SL for 9+ years now, I often still feel like a noob. Every single time I’m in Second Life I learn something new, like Ctrl+Alt+Shft+4 derenders everyone around you, or double clicking on a person’s name on the map will cause you TP right to them, even if they’re in the middle of something private.  The more you know! And I still make noobish mistakes, too. Last night I was trying to be all artsy and professional while shooting for this project, and realized after shooting no less than 16 photos over several minutes that I didn’t even have graphics turned up or shadows turned on. Luckily my subject was gracious and had a sense of humor; she didn’t tease me too much.

Intrinsic Inventory Project- Eve Petlyakov

When Eve Petlyakov wrote to me to sign up for the Intrinsic Inventory project, she told me that she didn’t care if she was in the picture at all, she just really wanted her treasure to be featured. When I saw what she rezzed, I realized why. But, lucky me, I got to photograph both beautiful treasures: Eve and her shadow box created and gifted to her by AM Radio. Anyone who hung around AM Radio back when he was creating will tell you similar stories of his gentle way, his generous nature, and the wonder of watching him create. Eve was honored to be among those who witnessed his genius at work, and lucky enough to be one those who has some of his art in inventory. This is the Dragonfly Shadowbox, and though Eve isn’t in SL much these days, she still maintains a space to keep this treasure rezzed.

Click here to find out how you can be a part of the Intrinsic Inventory Project.

Intrinsic Inventory Project- Elora Lunasea

I’ve had a tremendous response to my call for avatars to pose with their treasures for me. As of this blog post, I’ve had 146 people sign up. Since this will be a longterm project, it’s not too late to sign up. I’ll be shooting this series for several months to come, so please feel free to send along your info at any time. If you’ve already sent your info to me, be patient as I work through the notecards and emails, please and thank you!

I was happy to have a friend be my first victim to shoot, as I knew she’d be patient with me, but even better, I knew she’d be honest with me about her opinion of the process and the photo. Every photo that I take for this series will be unique to the treasured object and its avatar. I’m looking forward to them all!

Intrinsic Inventory Project- Elora Lunasea


Elora Lunasea is a fantastic photographer and friend. This necklace, designed by Nonna Hedges, is her most treasured inventory object. It was given to her by her very first SL boyfriend, and has come symbolize everything good about those early days in her Second Life. There is wonder and excitement when you experience your firsts inworld, and though Elora has been in SL for more than 7 years now, she still remembers her boyfriend and their adventures fondly. Elora met her RL partner inworld, and happily enjoys both worlds with him now. But there is something so special about first loves inworld, and this necklace is symbolic of those treasured memories. I enjoyed shooting Elora, but even more, I enjoyed hearing about those memories. For the sake of discretion, I decided not to share them here (wink wink).

All About the Chairs

I have a thing for chairs. And the poses in the chairs. But mostly the chairs. My inventory is full of them.

(Side note: If you sell a chair that isn’t called “chair” somewhere in the name, I’ll never find it again and that makes me want to punch a baby. Whatever you make, name it what it is. I’m thrilled that you were inspired by Lake Titicaca, but if it’s not the Titicaca Chair, it’s lost to me.  I have a half finished draft of an Open Letter to SL Creators  that I’ll finish and post someday… but I digress.)

Atelier Kreslo: New addition - March 2nd.

 One of my favorite recurring projects in SL has been Atelier Kreslo. For 32 rounds, the event paired a chair designer with a posemaker and some of the results have been genius. Organizer Flutter Memel has also hosted 16 art exhibits at Atelier Kreslo, and I was honored to be one of them.

But this is AK’s last round, so there’s a celebration and a bake sale (and one final chair), and I’m again honored to be hanging work at the event. I created a series of five pieces that each feature a chair. They’ll hang until the doors close for the last time. You can visit Atelier Kreslo inworld here, where these pieces are available for purchase.

The One Who Stays

                                                                            The One Who Stays

Two Steps Ahead

                                                                               Two Steps Ahead

Fool Me Three Times

                                                                         Fool Me Three Times

One in Four

                                                                             One in Four

Five Minutes Later

                                                                           Five Minutes Later

Intrinsic Inventory

In addition to my LEA sim project, I’m putting together a side project that will also run the duration of my time at LEA10. I’m calling it Intrinsic Inventory, and I hope you’ll participate. Please participate. Pretty please? It won’t work if you don’t, and then I’ll be mortified. Think of the children. 


My favorite inventory item is in this photo, but you’ll have to wait for my Intrinsic Inventory story to find out.

Here’s how:

-Choose one item from your inventory that is your most treasured, precious object. It can be anything in inventory, as long as it can be seen in some manner. It can be a skin, a house, a piece of jewelry or a peen- I can even work with notecards or textures. Just choose the one thing that is most precious to you. Then let me take your photo with your treasure. I’ll ask you some questions about your item, and write up a little explanation which will accompany the photo, posted here and at Flickr, and at the end of my time at LEA10, I’ll have a gallery of these images all in one place.

I hope to be able to feature a wide range of avatars and their items. I don’t care if you’re a human, robot, bunneh, or a banana avatar, I want to photograph you. I want to hear the story of your treasure. If you’re willing to pose for me, then right now, before you forget-

-Send a NC (to Whiskey Monday) or an email (to Whiskey.day at gmail) with the following info:

  • Your avatar name

  • Your treasure (just a quick description so I know the size of scene I need to shoot you)

  • When’s the best time to catch you inworld to shoot you

  • A short paragraph describing how much you love me

After you send me this info, I’ll get in touch to schedule a time to shoot your photo. This will be a several months long project, so take your time figuring out your treasure. And if it takes me a few days to get back to you, don’t panic. I will get back to you. I’m just very busy disposing of the bodies of my enemies  getting LEA10 ready to open.

I think this has the potential to be an interesting and important project. All joking aside, please consider posing for me, and please repost, replurk, retweet, resing, reholler and pass along this info to anyone else you think would be interested.

Come Play at LEA Again


Leaving up a work-in-progress at LEA10 again for the next day or so, if anyone wants to come climb around and (please please please) take some photos, feel free! I’ve set a 15 minute auto-return and here’s a SLURL that will put you right on top of the house.


As always, please add any photos to the Nothing Endures But Change group on Flickr, and credit the project if you would, please and thank you. Also note, the project isn’t officially open yet and this is an ongoing work in progress. 

The lovely Rose has already visited, and here’s her shot (click through to see it at Flickr):

A home A house A million feelings

Or Maybe Don’t Lend a Hand


That big white square there is LEA10 (the big black wall is the neighboring sim). It’s a blank canvas right now, as I take up the photo sets I’m working on after they’re built. That’s the nature of my project. I anticipate opening for the public in a few weeks, and staying open until the end of this round in June.

When I put out a call for help raising funds for this project, I originally had a print for sale by donation. A few days later the LEA committee informed me that selling something, even for donations, on LEA land was strictly forbidden and they suggested I change the donation process to a tip jar, instead. So I did, with big thanks to the committee for their patience with me as I learned the ropes and rules.

But a few days later, the committee again sent word that, after further consideration, they aren’t comfortable with my having a tip jar for a build that hasn’t even happened yet. They asked that I remove the tip jar entirely. So I did, with appreciation to the committee for helping to clarify their position.

A few kind folks have offered space for a tip jar off the LEA sim, but I’ve decided that I’ll just stop the fundraising process altogether, rather than further confuse what seems like an already confusing issue. Many people have already donated and to you I say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! The funds already raised will be used solely for the building of this project. I may reconsider the tip jar after opening next month.

I’d like to thank the LEA committee for their support and guidance, and especially my committee liaison Solo Mornington for relaying the messages to me so patiently.  I’m honored to have a sim and I hope to create a project that lives up to the expectations of everyone involved.

Young Ms. Monday in a Meme

Click to Flickr

Click to Flickr

Strawberry Singh’s meme this week was kinda sorta inspired by my plurks, so I had to participate. I decided to recreate my actual yearbook photo, this one from my Junior year in highschool. I didn’t actually make it into my Senior yearbook, but that’s a different story for another day.

You’d never know I graduated magna cum laude.

Come Play


Current work in progress at LEA10.

While my project isn’t yet officially open, I’ll be at work all day today so I’m leaving up the set I was working on at LEA10. If you’d like to come play or take photos, please do! I’ve got auto-return set to 15 minutes. SLURL to LEA10.

If you do post any photos that you take, please add them to the Nothing Endures But Change group, and I’d appreciate it if you credited the sim or project when you post photos taken on the sim.

I'm gonna need a bigger sim.

I’m gonna need a bigger sim.

Lend a Hand?


Click through to Flickr


I’m pretty lousy at this part.

I’m going to ask you for support. And that’s not something that comes naturally to me. I’m proud of my resourcefulness and independence, but I’m also smart enough to know that asking for help when you need it is being resourceful as well. In theory. In practice, I’m pretty lousy at that.

But I do need help. I need support. I don’t have the resources to create my project alone.

My LEA Sim project is titled Nothing Endures But Change. If you’d like to review my actual vague project plans, they’re here. But the bottom line is, instead of creating one large, immersive build, I intend to build dozens of smaller builds to be used as photo sets over the next several months. My hope is that other folks will be inspired to come create their own 2D images of my 3D builds. My goal is to have a massive body of 2D work created by others to show off at the end.

And so, I need a hand. Or twelve.

I need props and I need full perm poses, chiefly. This is my call for help. I’ve created a fundraiser print to be sold inworld:


Click through to Flickr

You can buy it for 1L, or 100L or whatever amount you are able to pay. I’ve placed a Tip Jar on the LEA sim to raise funds for my project. The funds raised from the sale of this print will be used solely for my LEA Sim project and for these, as I’m told they are requisite for an art build, along with a lone piano. If you’d like to lend a hand, you can find the Tip Jar here. As a thank you for your donation, you’ll receive a lovely print of the photo above. Muchos gracias!


As for the full prim poses: Another call for help. If you make poses, I’d be honored and thrilled if you could donate full perm poses for my project. I’d like to make pose stands available to visitors, so that they can compose their own viewpoints in the builds. My pose idea may not be anywhere near the same as any other visitor. I’d like to give visitors who need one a pre-loaded pose stand. While many of us have oodles of poses in our inventory, I’m hoping to bring in visitors who might never have thought of themselves as a photographer before, and may not have the resources to set up a shot.

The poses inside the pose stand won’t be full perm, they’ll be copy/no mod/no transfer. I’m looking for any possible kind of pose you can imagine. Stands, sits, action poses and model poses. Whatever you can dream up, I’m hoping to have  it available. If you’re interested in donating poses or offering your full perm poses to me at a good price, please contact me inworld or email whiskey.day at gmail.

I very much hope that this project will be created not just by me, but by anyone who visits and shoots a photo. I appreciate your support, whether it’s 1L, or a pose, or a visit, or a kind word. I absolutely cannot do this alone. And it’ll be far more fun together.

My Own Worst Enemy

Click through for a larger view.

                                                                 Click through for a larger view.

No one doubts me more than I do.

Today I’ll take possession of my LEA Land Grant sim. I’m LEA10, on the corner. I visited for the first time this morning, and suffered a huge case of the What-the-Fuck-Have-I-Gotten-Myself-Into. And that’s a shame. I finally have a full sim to use to create whatever I want, and I feel completely and utterly frozen with fear.



I’m no stranger to fear; we’re old friends. He has permanent resident status in my ear, neighbor to self-doubt and sabotage. They party with guilt and anxiety. But fear is the landlord of them all.

Time and age and therapy have taught me that step one to shutting up fear is to give it a name. What am I so afraid of? And time and age and therapy have taught me that my biggest fear, the one that tends to come back around and haunt me time and again, is the fear of not being good enough.

This deep-rooted fear can’t be exorcised, it’s been embedded in my psyche since childhood. So instead of getting rid of it, I try to tame it. My self-talk goes something like this:

-Forget what everyone else thinks of you.

-Get going, make course corrections as you go.

-You’ve got this.

And gosh darnit, people like you

I’m afraid of failing. But what would failing look like? I rarely do anything half-assed. I jump in with both feet, both hands, my entire heart and mind. (And I frequently drown, but that’s another post.) So failing would look like I tried my damnedest, and fell short. Even if I fail, I will have given it my all. I don’t ask any more from anyone else, how can I ask more of me?

For the next six months, I’ll do my damnedest to create something that I can be proud of. I’ll give it my everything, and that will be good enough for me.

I hope.

Who Has Who

Click the Pic for Bigger

                                                                   Click the Pic for Bigger

“Insanity is relative. It depends on who has who locked in what cage.”  Ray Bradbury

I am Disgust

I posted a photo to Flickr late last night. It’s quite graphic, so I’m going to add it after a jump here. Because it’s so graphic, I made it “restricted” on Flickr. I didn’t think twice about posting it. It’s an image I’ve had in my head for a while, and I was glad to finally get it out (so to speak).

Most of my photos aren’t “pretty pictures.” There are a bazillion of those, if that’s what you’re looking for. There are times I see a Second Life photo and have to really look to be sure it’s not a gorgeous shot of the physical world instead. If you want pretty tree tunnels and lovely dresses and oodles of shots of the female form, you can scroll to your heart’s content and ooooh and ahhhhh all day long.

So I was amused when I received this message this morning from Flickr:


Apparently I’m disgust. I took a moment to be offended, and then I checked myself and thought long and hard (pun intended) about what this person was trying to say here. I believe that she doesn’t wish to be confronted with thoughtful discourse on the more difficult aspects of life. She likes scrolling through her pretty pictures, and doesn’t wish to come face to face (ahem) with commentary that doesn’t support that pretty picture.

And who am I to judge her? Maybe she sucks the drug dick all day long and uses Flickr as an escape.

I hope she unfollowed me, because I intend to create more disgust. Granted, most of my work won’t include a giant pixel peen, but I’m not looking to make pretty pictures (not that there’s anything wrong with those). I write and create to express my truth. And I think there is most definitely beauty in truth. Even if it is only in the eye of the beholder.

Speaking of holding, the offensive rude is after the cut.


15,000 Prims

Guess who’s an Artist in Residence.


Me! It’s me!

The Linden Endowment for the Arts announced their artist grants for their 8th round, and I’m one of them! This means I have a full sim to play with for six months. Well, maybe not play with, persactly. I’m supposed to be creating art there. I have 15,000 prims available to play with build on.

But I’m not a builder. In fact, I’m not an inworld creator of any kind. I use other people’s creations in my photo sets, but I don’t do any building. I don’t script, or mesh, or even know how to make poses. I’m aces at modding things, but that’s as far as my building experience goes.

So, what the hell am I doing with an LEA sim?

The Linden Endowment of the Arts is an official Linden Community Partnership program whose purpose is to help new artists, cultivate art in SL, and foster creativity, innovation, and collaboration within the art community.

The emphasis is mine, and pretty much describes the goal of my project. But let me explain a bit…

I’m not an artist. Shocking, I know. And please don’t tell the LEA. But, truly, I’m not a visual artist. I love writing. I am absolutely a writer. I hope that I create with words, but I just don’t think of myself as a visual artist.

That doesn’t mean that I can’t share my viewpoint through two dimensional work. Taking my narrative from words to images has been a wonderful experience for me, and I hope that I can create a project that allows others to do the same. Even those who aren’t artists.

When I create a 2D image, it’s based on an emotion or a story or a phrase- basically, it begins with words. But I use 3D objects to create the scene, so it’s a bit of a twisted circle. The 3D scene takes the most time to create, but the end result is the 2D image that, I hope, evokes the original words that I started with (even if only to myself).

I’ve always deleted my 3D sets after I shoot the image of them. The very impermanence of the 3D scene is part of its charm for me. The photo representation is all that’s left of the set.

What does this have to do with the LEA sim?

Hang with me. I do have a point.

This is one of my photo sets, but that’s not me in the photo:

                                                                                              Ziki Questi

That’s Ziki Questi, hopping into one of my photo sets. The photo that she snapped looks far different from the one I took of myself:

                                                                       Recurring Themes

These two representations of the exact same 3D space are remarkably different. Ziki’s viewpoint is almost a contrast of mine. How wonderful to see the world through her eyes!

My project at this LEA sim will be creating a series of 3D settings meant to be used to create 2D art. There will be lots of them, and they’ll be tiny and huge and everything in between. I’ll set these up one at a time, and they’ll each stay up an indeterminate amount of time. Some may stay up for a day, others for two weeks, and others mere hours. I plan to announce when a new set is rezzed, but I won’t give any warning before deleting it.

While these sets are up, my hope is that others will come use them to take their own photos. With no direction from me, folks can come find their own angles and windlights and stories to tell using the sets. Each photographer will offer a unique perspective, no two photos will be exactly the same.

There’ll be a Flickr group for sharing shots, and in the last month of the exhibit, I’ll have an inworld gallery at the sim to show them off, as well. My hope is that folks who don’t normally see themselves as photographers might be inspired to take a shot or ten, and those who are seasoned artists might come explore, too.

I’m honored that the LEA would take a chance by awarding a sim to a project that’s not a large 3D immersion. I hope that I don’t completely blow this chance to create something interesting. At the very least, if I do blow it, you can be certain I’ll do it in spectacular fashion.

I intend to blog about my experience here, and post progress photos at Flickr.

Did I mention 15,000 prims!?

Split Seconds

Please click through to view full size image.

                                                         Please click through to view full size image.

Ace of Clubs

The Jokers were already claimed.

Ace of Spades Whiskey Monday

Vanessa Blaylock has organized a Selfie Card Deck in Second Life, and I’m happy to be the Ace of Clubs. You can get your own (free) deck of 54 cards by 54 artists at the holiday party on Sunday.

More details here.

The Smallest Slight

Click through to see larger size.

Click through to see larger size.

Sheltering Sky

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stable for web


I’m happy to offer this exclusive print, one copy only, to benefit Child’s Play Charity, auctioned at the Bay City Tree Lighting and Fundraiser

Saturday, Dec. 6, 1-4 SL time.

The silent auction will be held at the Bay City Fairgrounds.


“Each night, when I go to sleep, I die. And the next morning, when I wake up, I am reborn.”
Mahatma Gandhi



Let it Burn

Not a Crutch But a Break

Fuck you Sisyphus

Moths Among the Whisperings


Was Rorschach.


Breakers Without a Crash


Painted Grins and Missing Pieces


Mad Girl’s Love Song

Inspired by the poem, by Sylvia Plath.


Sweeter Than My Solitude

“My alone feels so good, I’ll only have you if you’re sweeter than my solitude.”
Warsan Shire

All Hell Shall Stir for This

All Hell

Prop Fund Drive


For a limited time, I have a few landscapes for sale inworld at a wee little shop on the Remood sim. I’m in the incredible company of Eupalinos Ugajin and Meilo Minotaur. Meilo has her stunning lace avatars available there for free.

All proceeds to benefit my depleted prop fund.

The One You Feed



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Hide and Seek


And Away

And Away

A Peace at a Time


A Piece at a Time


Head Case




What Hump?


Recurring Themes


My Tweets as Pictures: Forty-five


I’m fine, thanks. Super fine. Really fine. Extra fine. So fine I can’t even define the fine. Just fine. I’m fucking fine.


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Are Those Our Only Choices?

eating final

“Is it better to out-monster the monster or to be quietly devoured?”
― Friedrich Nietzsche

Hold for Applause


We Need to Talk


That Last Step


Solitary Confinement

final glass blocks jpg

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I’ve decided to go back to school, and I’m considering studying psychology. Specifically, I’d like to study the phenomenon of online social communities. I find it endlessly fascinating how much we share, and don’t share, with our online social circles. My ultimate goal is to write a book about this topic, including both my own experiences online and some psychological babble to back up my brilliant conclusions. My master’s degree in English might help with the writing part, but I’ll be starting over on the psychology part. I’m excited about these plans, but I’m no spring chicken. I’m going to be one of those old folks going back to school. I remember being in college and wondering about those ancient students and what could possibly make them want to go to college in their golden years. The world sure does look different through eyes that are 20 years older. Okay- maybe 25 years older. Shut up.

This photo came from thoughts of those plans. I’ve been thinking about how to visually represent the ideas of an online presence. I think that the phenomenon of being so exposed, and yet so closed off is possibly unique to the online world. And I learned a lot about my own online community when I shouted out for naked bodies to pose for me, and they landed on me within mere moments. I could shoot this shot three more times and not run out of people willing to pose for it.

The computer screen has long been described as a window to the world, and I do believe that’s accurate. But it’s so much more. I can’t even begin to fathom the role this window will have in our future lives, or how integrated we might be with them. By the time I get another degree to try to put words to my ideas, my ideas may be totally out of date. But I feel compelled to do this, and at the very least it’ll be an adventure. 

The following folks TPed to me with no clothes and no questions asked, and then patiently posed while I shot this photo. I cannot thank them enough- and not just for the posing. It was a show of community, and I needed that. 

Thanks to:

Marx Dudek

Ruby Velaystar

Teagan Avon

Imnotgoing Sideways

Addy Kotori

Shockwave Plasma

Tymmerie Thorne

Valena Vacano 

Isla Gealach

Frequency Picnic

Nedria Cyr

Charisma Jonesford

Theo Svenson

Isabelli Anatine

Faolan Wylder

Zenovia GossipGirl

Nylon Pinkney

Ewan Mureaux

Katya Valeska

Chance Raynier

Ulaa Coronet

Elle Couerblanc

River Stromfield

Alexi Bianco

Misha Selene

Lelu Anatine






A friend is letting me use an empty sim for a few days. 15,000 prims and a wide open expanse of nothing makes Whiskey a happy girl.



A Month of Mondays


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An Original Profile


My SL profile hasn’t changed much since the day Whiskey was created in ’09. In fact, the Real World tab is the same as my original SL avatar, created in ’06. I am an avid profile perv, and a carefully crafted profile says a lot to me. I enjoy the clues and signs that people leave in their profiles, and I’ve always felt that mine accurately represents my virtual self, and in turn, who I am in any world. Our profiles should be a one-of-a-kind  representation of our personal face to the world. Each one a special unique snowflake.

Which is why I was so shocked when a friend accused me of having an alt, because he saw someone with a profile identical to mine.

By the time I opened her profile, she had already changed the wording of the first tab a bit (after being called out by my friend), so that it was no longer word for word a copy of my own. But SL doesn’t change things right away in search, so I could still see part of her profile there and sure enough, there were my own words in her profile. The first life tab, however, was still an exact replica of mine.

calle profile

This isn’t the first time someone has swiped my words, I’ve been writing long enough to know that the internet is rife with people who think it’s all up for grabs, theirs for the taking. After all, it’s a just a few words. Most people think that if they change a word or two, it’s no longer plagiarism. And besides, it’s just a profile. It’s not as if she’s stolen great literature, right?

It doesn’t matter. Whether it’s a tweet of 140 characters, a line from a profile, or an entire article- plagiarism is stealing. Period. There is no grey area here.

Plagiarists hate being called out on their thievery. My profile thief was no exception. In fact, her strange defense was that she found it on a website, so really she didn’t steal it from me, she took it from them. So how can I be upset by that? Out of curiosity, I googled my profile, and it is not on any website except for Second Life. But I already knew that. When confronted by the person they’ve stolen from, thieves rarely come clean and admit their wrongdoing. They’re instead defensive and upset that someone would dare question their integrity.

Because let’s be honest, that’s what stealing someone else’s words does, it shows a lack of integrity and honesty. And even someone who lacks those hates being reminded.

I wasn’t going to blog about this. It seemed petty and over-reactive. I asked her to change her profile to her own words, and despite fiercely denying any wrong on her part (and in fact threatening me with public shame for calling her a liar), for a week or so she did change it. But I looked today and she has again changed her profile to something very similar to my own. While it’s no longer word for word, it’s close enough (especially after her complete copy before) that it really irked me.

callie mocha

Over the years I’ve had tweets, parts of blog posts and even my photographs stolen. Each time there are plenty of people who are quick to offer up that old, stale saying about imitation being the best form of flattery. That’s bullshit, and this wasn’t imitation. Flattery is when someone shows your work to their friends and gives you credit. It’s not flattering to have someone disrespect your hard work so much that they think it’s okay to use it as their own; in fact it’s the opposite of respect. It’s offensive and disrespectful on every level.

And I find myself, each time this happens, doing some deep soul searching to figure out why it bothers me so very much. But I shouldn’t have to defend myself, to explain why it makes me angry to have something that’s mine pinched and used without my knowledge or permission. I have every right to be upset, and the amount of work stolen has no bearing on how angry I should feel. Stealing is stealing. You can pretty it up and make it less shocking by calling it appropriating, borrowing or pirating, but in the end they all mean the same thing: stealing. Claiming ownership of something you’ve no right to.

So it doesn’t matter why it bothers me. It’s not up to me to try to work through my feelings on the matter.

If anyone needs to be doing some soul-searching, it’s folks like Callie Mocha who think that what they’re doing is okay. People who can’t come up with an original idea, and so they must steal the ideas of others.

I haven’t contacted Ms. Mocha again, and I probably won’t. At this point it’s useless, I believe. I tried to be at least civil when I originally asked her to change her profile, but her defensive and accusatory response shows me that reason isn’t chief among her repertoire of social skills.

Tomorrow that could all change. But  not the part about the reason.


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